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Lenah Allen found her passion at the Spectator

The VSU Spectator has been my safe haven, open door, and home away from home ever since my freshman year of college.

The publication didn’t just feel like a job to me, it felt like a place I belonged.

The Spectator showed me that I had the confidence to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

At the beginning of my college career I was lost. It wasn’t until I stepped foot into the Spectator office that I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish throughout my four years at VSU.

My involvement with The Spectator has introduced me to amazing opportunities that increased my passion for the field of journalism.

And because of my passion I was able to see honorable results.

I have been able to win two scholarships with my most recent one being the Charles J. Miller award from the English Department.

I was also able to earn an internship during my Junior year of college at The Turner Arts Center.

All of this would not have been possible without The Spectator.

I want to thank all of my fellow Spectator staff members for all the hard work and support they’ve put into The Spectator.

It’s been a pleasure working with everyone and watching the publication improve simply because of all the dedication put into it by all of you.

You won’t be forgotten.

Thanks to all of my professors, specifically Dr. Ted Geltner, Dr. Donna Sewell, and Dr. Pat Miller. Because of all of you going above and beyond your job description, I was able to find my place here at VSU and now I have been able to secure immediate employment after graduation.

Thank you to my academic advisor Elaina Walker. You are such an inspiration and you made my VSU experience go by as smooth as it possibly could have.

Lastly, thank you to all the readers who took the time to open up The Spectator and read my articles. Your support pushed me to continue my pursuit in becoming a broadcast journalist.

My story isn’t over. This isn’t a good bye; this is just barely a hello.

-Lenah Allen, Editor-in-Chief, BA in English; Concentration in Journalism; Minor in Mass Media

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