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Sarahi Montero leaves VSU nest to fly

I am the Leading Graphics editor for the VSU Spectator, and while I am very fortunate to have worked in this office, I am going to be transferring to a different university, Kennesaw State University.

The Spectator gave me a lot of opportunities to grow as an artist and develop a work ethic that I would use in a workplace as a graphic designer. I developed a lot of awesome friendships in this office, and it saddens me that I will be the office leaving early.
The reason why I’m leaving early is because I am transferring to the art department of Kennesaw State University to pursue animation.

I’ve been wanting to practice animation for some time that I decided it was time for me to follow my passion and obtain the knowledge I want.

My dream is to become an animator to tell my stories, so I feel this is a good time to pursue that dream.

I will forever be appreciative of this office because they gave me a place to grow, learn about myself, and provide me practice that I will bring with me in the art field.

-Sarahi Montero, Graphics Design Editor

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