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The Happening returns to normal Fall 2021

The Happening is an annual event that takes place at VSU every fall semester, which will take place on Aug 26 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the front lawn.

The event helps freshmen and other students get information about clubs and organizations offered at VSU on the front lawn.

Over 200 businesses, communities, organizations and department exhibitors are anticipated to attend. Other things you can see at The Happening include food, drinks, games and—of course—Blaze.

“The Happening, to me, is uniting with my orgs and fellow blazers to bond and get my org’s names out there, so I can hopefully recruit more blazers and grow my organization while supporting other orgs on campus and having a good time.” Haley Waters, a junior English major, said.

It is strongly encouraged that if you do not feel well, do not attend – along with utilizing precautions such as wearing your mask and using hand sanitizer.

Due to COVID-19, many events looked different or were not able to take place in 2020. Last semester, The Happening was extended over four days to help assist in social distancing.

It was also located in the Palms Quad, as compared to normally on the Front Lawn.

“We do anticipate seeing a smaller number of vendors, organizations and departments participating this year due to those that are still cautious and concerned about COVID,” Robin Vickery, director of student life, said.

Due to the slowdown of COVID-19, Student Life decided it was time for The Happening to return to its traditional manner – one day and thousands of students.

“The Happening will not only be different for me considering I am the President of two orgs on campus, Her Campus and Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International, but also because we are finally back on campus ‘normally,’” Waters said. “So, I’m interested to see how it’ll be different in that aspect.”

Just like last fall, The Happening must keep an eye out for potential postponement due to weather. Because of the storms heading toward the southernmost states, Valdosta has been getting a lot of rain.

VSU stays up to date with these issues and will let students know if there are any changes.

Faculty and staff who normally park in the Nevins parking lot are also being asked to keep the lot open for those participating in the event. They are asked to park in other lots around campus.

Story by Sam Acevedo, staff writer. Photo courtesy of VSU Spectator. 

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