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South Georgia Selfie Museum opens in Downtown Valdosta

The South Georgia Selfie Museum, located in downtown Valdosta, opened in July for visitors to take selfies for fun.

The museum is owned by Kwinetta Morre and Jazmine Rainge. The two got inspiration from going to a selfie museum in Miami.

“We knew Valdosta had to have it,” Rainge said.

When you first enter the museum, you see several exhibits where you can take different kinds of pictures. It is filled with eight interesting exhibits, and it has everything from a donut wall to a basketball wall.

The museums’ hours differ depending on what time of the week it is. The weekdays are booked for appointment only, and the weekends are open to walk-ins.

Adults pay 28 dollars on the weekend and 25 dollars on the weekdays; however, if you are a VSU student, you don’t have to pay full price. They offer group rates, as well as bookings available for events such as bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties.

The museum has a mask policy for the inside of the building. They request guests to keep their masks on unless taking them off for a picture.

After each exhibit is used, the area is wiped down and disinfected. There is a limit of 30 people in the building per hour. Once tickets are purchased, they are non-refundable.

Tickets can be on the museums’ website, southgeorgiaselfiemusuem.com.

To find out more information visit their website or Instagram page @Southgeorgiaselfiemusuem

Written by Evie Webb, Spectator Reporter. Photo courtesy of South Georgia Selfie Museum

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