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South Georgia Medical Center COVID-19 Stats

South Georgia Medical Center updates their COVID-19 statistics weekly, and as of Jan. 1, college-aged students (age group 19-29) account for the highest percentage of positive test results at 28.38%.

The average age of a COVID-19 in-patient is 51, and the average age of patients on a ventilator is 55. For those attending VSU, this can be seen as good news at the 19-29 age range.

This means that VSU student are unlikely to be hospitalized for COVID-19; however, this doesn’t bode well for concerns over professors and teachers who are susceptible, according to SGMC statistics.

The vital fact about COVID-19 is that it is an air borne illness, which can stay on surfaces for up to three days, and the new Omicron variant (like the Delta) is much the same: three days.

It is less susceptible to vaccines and boosters, which is what concerns doctors and scientists that are studying the virus and its variants.

Face masks and barriers to the raw air are important, so that one isn’t breathing in unfiltered and possibly infected particles.

As a result of contracting Omicron, the sufferers can be afflicted with long-lasting effects like chronic fatigue and irregular heart rhythms even after the virus has passed.

Rapid tests are not prepared to detect the presence of Omicron or Delta variant. Unfortunately, sufferers of the new variants are more likely to become hospitalized.

According to the COVID-19 guideline updates, VSU is recommending that all students are tested before returning to campus, and if they are found to be positive, students should isolate and delay their return to campus.

Doctors are no longer looking at every option for their patients and are homing in on COVID as a diagnosis automatically, according to Courtney.

VSU is relying on students to self-report their contracting of COVID.  Masks are recommended in all campus buildings, and the readiness of hand sanitizer is remaining.

Written by Amanda Russell, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Flickr. 

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