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Fraternity Has “The Sex Talk” That Every Student Needs to Hear

On Wednesday night, Jan 26, the Sigma Iota Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity hosts a panel discussion called Let’s Have the Sex Talk, which touched on various topics involving sexuality, gender identification and mental and sexual health

About 30 students attended the event and participated in the discussion, sharing their own experiences about how they came into their own sexuality. Many students found this space to be safe enough to speak on their own experiences.

The Iota panel members allowed the audience to share their own experiences about coming to terms with their own sexuality, and while not everyone was opened to discuss this topic blatantly, a few had the courage to speak about their own experiences.

The panel also spoke about the difference between sex and gender. The panel also went on to discuss their versions of what a healthy relationship may look, also asking audience members to participate with their own thoughts.

“What I liked the most was being in a space where I can express my thoughts,” Javian Williams, an art major, said.

Many students enjoyed participating in answering questions asked by the panel, which allowed the audience members to connect with each other and hear different views aside from their own.

“I liked hearing people dive in topics like this because people have different experiences,” Donovan Larkins, a mass media major, said.

These sorts of discussions are important for students to have with each other because it can encourage openness and gear people towards receptivity. The purpose behind having these types of panel talks is to allows students to express themselves in a space where there is no judgement.

Written by Samiriya Hamilton. Photo courtesy of VSU.




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