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Photos: The demolition of Converse Hall

Demolition began on the Converse Hall Annex this week to make way for more green space on campus.

Check out photos of the demolition project below.


The demolition began on Feb. 5.

An excavator was delivered to campus the morning of Feb. 6.


Construction team members oversee the demolition.


Water is sprayed on the building as it is demolished to limit the amount of dust produced. According to the Centers for Disease Control, breathing in dust over a prolonged period of time may cause health issues similar to asthma, or lead to more serious conditions such as lung cancer.

For more information, check out our article on the project, “Demolition of Converse Begins after Five-Year Vacancy.”

You can find that article on our website, or by using the following link: http://vsuspectator.com/2022/02/11/demolition-of-converse-begins-after-five-year-vacancy/

Written by Bailey Storey, Photo Editor. Photos courtesy of Justin Carter and Bailey Storey.

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