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Streaming Services are Best for Discovering New Jams

In a time where access to music is at our fingertips thanks to technology, the Spectator Newsletter asked our readers where they are likely to find new music.

Responses show that word of mouth and online news publications are not ways music will be least likely discovered with 0 votes each. What then may not come as a surprise is that the two leading methods are social media apps with four votes and the winner being streaming services (Spotify and Apple Music) with 16 votes.

Despite the small response, we can see similar results found in a survey done with YouGov.com from March 2021 that had more methods and asking U.S. adults across a variety of age groups. This survey had about 8000 responses reflecting across all age groups 35% of people found new music through streaming services and 30% through social media.

As technology continues to change over time, artists can find new ways to engage with their audiences to introduce new music into the world.

What platform do you go to discover new music?

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Survey Reference: https://today.yougov.com/topics/politics/survey-results/daily/2021/03/19/fffaf/1

Written by Isabella Schneider, Newsletter Editor. Photo courtesy of MGL Online. 

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