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Photos: VSU after dark

During the day VSU is bustling with students rushing to class, heading to the Union for food or studying and relaxing on the Front Lawn.

At night, however, things are a bit different. Here’s a look into VSU when the day is done.

West Hall stays lit despite no students being inside.

Almost no traffic is present in the Hopper Circle. With construction done for the day, things are much more quiet on Main Campus.

The normally packed Pedestrian Mall is virtually silent at night.

The Front Lawn is empty. During the day, many students spend time here relaxing with friends or studying for their classes.

Hopper Quad also has minimal foot traffic at night.

Stars shine above the Student Union despite the light pollution from campus.

Hopper Hall windows are lit as students who live on campus end their days in their dorm rooms.

Written by Bailey Storey, Photo Editor. Photos by Bailey Storey.

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