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Where do students prefer to study?

Studying is important for students to become more knowledgeable in their field, but there are various ways one can accomplish it.

One of many important factors to gain the most from studying is the location. The VSU campus provides many places to study, but where do students prefer to study the most?

The Spectator Newsletter asked readers to choose from three locations: library/café setting, at home/in your room and outside around the VSU campus. Each of these locations has different factors that make each of these options great places to study.

Out of 22 responses, two people prefer to study outside somewhere around the VSU campus while at home/in your room was the second-best choice at 8 votes. The library/café setting is the most popular location with 12 votes.

What is your preferred place to study and why? Let us know!

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Written by Isabella Schneider, Newsletter Editor.  Photo courtesy of Valdosta State University.

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