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People Poll: Marvel vs. DC


“Marvel has become tiresome in terms of movies. Meanwhile, DC’s animated flicks are still amazing.”

Daniel DeMesseman, sophomore secondary education major with a concentration in history

“I definitely enjoy watching marvel more than DC, so I’m going to have to choose marvel.”

Maggie Stewart, freshman pre-medicine biology major

“I definitely like Marvel better. I strongly believe that their characters have better development, and for the most part, they take their time to flesh out the characters. When tragedy strikes, you actually empathize and feel hurt along with them. DC has enormous potential for enthralling stories and strong characters, but they exhaust the Justice League and Co.”

Asia Smith, sophomore psychology major and criminal justice minor

“I like the hype around Marvel. They are definitely the ones who show out. DC just does not do that for me. They seem like the cheaper version of Marvel.”

Miriam Flores, sophomore early childhood education major

Story by Evie Webb, staff writer. Photos courtesy of participants of the poll. 

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One comment

  1. SwedishFishFan2013

    Hello again VSU Spectator

    Regarding superheroes, I often find myself disappointed by both sides. While both have a few fish-centric characters, I never really connect with them. I am slightly more partial to Marvel since Chadwick Boseman (the actor who played Black Panther) signed the Swedish Fish box at Dylan’s candy shop in L.A., but this is a very flimsy connection.

    I believe that either universe would benefit from introducing new characters that are untouched by the typical cookie-cutter molds of personalities, backstories, and powers. Might I suggest a character containing a Swedish Fish theme? Perhaps this character could, I don’t know, solve all of the world’s problems through Swedish Fish-related solutions. With a little bit of creativity, I believe this character could be far more relatable and powerful than the trite characters from DC and Marvel. Whether they know it or not, this is what the people want.

    Disney and Warner Brothers, heed this statement.

    Barry Lingon (SwedishFishFan2013)

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