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SISTUHS Inc on a roll with 19 Chapters

While the number of joining members is still rapidly growing today, SISTUHS Inc. has done so many great things for women of color and the community.

In 1992, Akiba Jackson and Germaine Smith-Baugh sought out a way to empower and unite the African American women of Florida State University’s campus. Little did they know that this organization would be thriving and capturing the attention of hundreds 30 years later.

SISTUHS Inc. is a group that rallies women of color (and any other women who have good morals) together to focus on their personal growth and development.

Although this organization’s origin is set in Florida, the first chapter in Georgia has been set on the VSU campus for three years.

Not only is SISTUHS Inc. a powerful group that helps women find their voices, but they also play a big part in volunteer community service.

From volunteering with children to acting as a listening ear or a big sister, SISTUHS Inc. has also created donation drives. A few of their donation drives are the Pack to School Drive, Pack Her Up, Period and hygienic drives.

However, their involvement on VSU’s campus doesn’t stop there.

This organization isn’t only geared for the growth and development of an individual. It also promotes creating positive vibes and a healthy surrounding community.

SISTUHS Inc. also travels to volunteer within the Valdosta community with other groups like The Boys and Girls Club, The Haven and LAMP.

President Gabrielle Momplaisir explained how this group is also in the works of expanding their projects for the future.

“We are currently putting together some things to expand our service opportunities and build a legacy of service that will hopefully continue long after current members are gone,” Momplaisir said.

SISTUHS Weekend was from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1 and included the Pack Her Up, Period Donation Drive, a mental health seminar, a DJ battle and Beautycon.

SISTUHS Inc. is also in the works of bringing back their MassGiving event. With this event, students are able to give back to the community by donating clothes for families who are able to pick up as many items of clothing as they need.

This is just one of the many events that are in the works.

“We are an organization that welcomes everyone from all walks of life,” Momplaisir said. “Do what you feel is right, and trust your gut. Go for it, and don’t let your hesitation stop you.”

To find more information or keep up with the latest updates on the SISTUHS Inc. organization go to their website sistuhs.org.

Written by Baylee Davis, Staff Reporter. Photo Courtesy of SISTUHS Inc. 

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