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Photos: Housing spooks students at Hallaballoo event

On Thursday, Oct. 27, VSU Housing hosted their annual Hallaballoo event on the Front Lawn. This field day-style event promoted student leisure and provided food, games and prizes for participants.

The event, hosted from 6 to 9 p.m., was designed to feel like a field day event, complete with sack races and a parachute. Food and drinks were also provided, such as Little Hug juice barrels and snow cones, as well as a table of prizes for students to earn with tickets from winning or participating in events.

“We wanted students to be able to de-stress with exams coming up, and this event is a good way for students to kind of reset and have fresh minds,” Rosario Vasquez, an RA participating in the event, said.

There was never a shortage of activities available for students to participate in. Bounce houses, games, races and more were provided.

“It gives me a chance to compete against my friends, I think that’s the best part,” Sheyenne Turlington (not pictured), a freshman biology major, said.
All of the competitive or skill-based events gave students the chance to earn tickets, which could be traded for prizes when there were enough.

Pop-Its, cards, journals, and even a Squishmallow was available to be won by students participating in the event, with enough tickets.

“We wanted to throw it back to those people who are participating, things they did in grade school.” Harold Jones, a VSU housing supervisor, said.

Written by Bailey Wilson, Assistant Copyeditor. Photos by Bailey Wilson.

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