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Must watch Christmas movies

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year with presents and Mariah Carey, but another thing that makes the holidays special is the various Christmas movies.

Everyone has different tastes, but here are the top three must watch movies to get yourself in the spirit.

  1. “The Santa Clause”

A personal go to that has everything one could want in a Christmas movie. There is humor, a sarcastic elf and the classic cliche of a man who doesn’t believe in the Christmas spirit learning how to.

“The Santa Clause” is a 1994 film starring Tim Allen. A divorced parent gets his son for Christmas, but something unexpected happens on this cold quiet night: Santa fell off their roof. Now with Santa down, they had to save Christmas. However, once putting on the jacket is like signing a contract in being Santa. For the next year, he had to learn how to accept that he is now Santa Claus.

It’s a cute classic that also has two other movies and a Disney Plus series.

  1. “Elf”

Another classic that everyone has to watch every year. This is one that truly shows the spirit of Christmas. It’s funny and heartfelt.

This 2003 movie stars the one and only Will Ferrell. An orphaned boy accidentally fell into Santa’s bag without his knowing until they got back to the North Pole. For the next 30 years, Santa and his Elves raised him until one day they tell him the truth: He is adopted. The boy – now a man – traveled to meet his father to find something unexpected.

Even though he found unexpected things, he still kept the holiday spirit, making it a great must watch for the holidays.

  1. “Jingle All the Way”

This is a movie that most don’t think about, but is always a good one to watch. The movie shows that anything can happen and anything is possible.

“Jingle All the Way” is a 1996 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. A father promised his son to get him a new action figure for Christmas. The problem is, every child wants this new action figure, making it hard for him to get it. He goes through many obstacles just to do what feels almost impossible.

The movie has a very sweet ending that will warm your heart. It’s a movie that will remind you that anything can happen.

These movies are great for the holidays and also amazing to watch with your family. So come together, get some hot chocolate and watch one of these movies.

Written by Kilie Huckleby, Campus Life Editor. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

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