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The Spectator hosts a Student Press Freedom Day Giveaway

Happy February Blazers! The VSU Spectator is hosting a giveaway for Student Press Freedom Day.

Student Press Freedom Day is a national day of action when we celebrate the contributions of student journalists and the need to support their independence without censorship. The voices of VSU students are heard because of our student journalist being able to speak their truths.

So as a big thanks to our audience, we’ve decided to celebrate our Blazers. This giveaway includes the chance to win:

  • 12 winners for Spectator merchandise
  • A second-place winner for a $25 Amazon gift card along with Spectator merchandise
  • The grand prize of $50 Amazon gift car card along with Spectator merchandise

The rules are simple: follow us on Instagram (vsu_spectator) or Twitter (vsuspectator), and comment your name and what you enjoy about The Spectator.

After doing these steps, we will contact you through one of our official social media pages if you win. If you are already following us, just follow step 2. You must be following one of the pages at the time of the drawing to win. Hurry and enter because this giveaway end on February 28, 2023, at 5pm.

Any questions or concerns regarding this giveaway should be emailed to Bailey Storey at Bastorey@valdosta.edu.

Best of luck!

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