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When Travis Met Taylor

Taylor Swift is known for her long dating history and rumored suitors. Her new romance with Kansas City Chief’s tight end Travis Kelce could finally lead Swift to a long-lasting relationship or it could lead to another hit breakup song.  

After the singer’s breakup with fiancé Joe Alwyn, Swift has now moved on to the sports category. Taylor has dated actors, singers, and DJs, but not one of those relationships seemed to satisfy the singer. 

This romance between Kelce and Swift was very unexpected and surprising for both fandoms.  

While no one knows what their viral and public relationship is like behind doors, many fans seem to be rooting for their happiness as they watch both the singer and football player support each other in their respective domains. 

Taylor has been seen supporting Kelce on the sidelines of his football games, while Travis has been doing the same for her during her ongoing Era’s tour. 

Although the new couple has gotten mostly positive attention about their relationship, there are a few speculations about whether Swift will impact the image of football. 

In terms of overall viewership, during Kansas City Chiefs games that Swift is in attendance for, it seems as if she commands an equal amount of attention as the players on the field during the broadcast. 

Kelce is regarded as one of the best players in professional football, not only at his position, but as a player overall. However, it seems unjust that because of his relationship with Swift, football is starting to slowly gravitate toward being a rolling billboard for the singer. 

 Famous athletes dating other famous celebrities is nothing new. We have seen examples like Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra, and even in football, Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen. However, neither of these relationships have touched the surface of how widespread the Kelce-Swift relationship has become.  

The primary concern here is the oversaturation of Swift currently present in professional football. When fans tune into a ball game, they expect to see a competitive matchup between two teams, not Taylor Swift living it up in her skybox. 

From a revenue standpoint, it makes sense from the perspective of the NFL to continue broadcasting Swift. We’ve seen more and more people watching football since the announcement of Kelce and Swift’s relationship, most notably Swift’s die-hard fans known as “Swifties” gravitating towards the game of football.  

While fans wish nothing but happiness for both Kelce and Swift, some fans do voice their frustration regarding the over-saturation of Swift seen in football. 


Written by Jasmine Hightower, Entertainment Editor and Jack Calhoun, Sports Editor.  Photo Courtesy of MGN.





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