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VSU STEAM center opens exhibit on weather

On November 16, VSU’s STEAM Center unveiled their new interactive exhibit, The Art and Science of Weather.  

The exhibit featured several topics regarding weather and weather-adjacent phenomena. These include the water cycle, extreme weather, wind currents, and even rainbows and light refraction. 

The entire event was interactive, meant to not only be seen, but touched and walked through. There were humidity-controlled tents set up to demonstrate humidity, a jungle gym for the water cycle, and even a 15-foot tall tornado simulator at the front door.

The initial event was held on November 11. Parents were able to take their children into the exhibit and walk through with guided tours. Dr. Brian Gerber, director of the VSU STEAM Center, led these tours, describing what everything was and how it worked. 


“Weather is an important unit in several of the teachers’ — especially upper elementary teachers’ — curricula…” Dr. Gerber said. “…we wanted to help the students understand that, and let teachers bring field trips to us.” 

The inaugural event itself was held on November 16, where guests 21 and over were invited to tour the event, and guests were served snacks and alcohol. This was meant as not only the grand opening of the exhibit, but as a way to thank the sponsors of the STEAM Center. 

“Having the students simply understand what’s going on around them is incredibly important,” said Dr. Gerber. “It influences their lives; it determines what they wear, what they might use throughout the day. If they have a better understanding of where the weather comes from, it takes the mystery out of it.” 

Written by Bailey Wilson, Campus Life Editor. Photo courtesy of Bailey Wilson.

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