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Tennis looks to stay atop of polls in young season

The VSU’s men’s tennis team has recently emerged as a dominant force in collegiate tennis, securing the top spot in the preseason Intercollegiate Tennis Association College Tennis Rankings sponsored by Tennis-Point.

This remarkable achievement has sparked a wave of excitement and anticipation among players, coaches, and fans.

As the team gears up for the upcoming season, they are preparing for whatever competition comes their way.

With a history of success and a roster filled with talent, the VSU men’s tennis team is poised for another standout season.

Led by a coaching staff renowned for their expertise and leadership, the team has demonstrated a relentless mindset, evident in their consistent performance in previous seasons.

With their sights set on maintaining their position at the top, the VSU men’s tennis team is ready to showcase their skills and continue their excellence in collegiate tennis.

“The first month of this semester we worked out a lot in the gym and did a lot of conditioning to be ready physically for hopefully a long season,” said senior Luca Mack.

Mack added, “Other than that, we tried to do a lot as a team so that we have good team bonding since this is one of the most important parts to make a deep run. We try to keep the number one spot to focus on one match at a time and not get ahead of ourselves.”

Mack referred to how the team emphasizes physical preparation and prioritizing team bonding as essential to their team chemistry.

Stressing the importance of team bonding suggests that they recognize the significance of cohesion and camaraderie among teammates.

Strong team chemistry can enhance communication, trust, and overall performance on the field or court.

“The key area for the team is to give our 100% at practice and at the gym to accomplish the team goals and try to create a positive environment each day at practice to get better every day,” said junior Boruch Skierkier.

“The plan to keep up the top spot is to keep working hard on and off the court and stick together as a team, which is very important to reach our goals.”

By staying true to their training, supporting one another on and off the court, and approaching each match with the same level of intensity and commitment, the VSU men’s tennis team can secure their place as a dominant force in collegiate tennis.

As they continue to navigate the challenges and triumphs of the still early season, the team’s drive will be the greatest asset in their journey to remain at the top of the polls

Written by Jack Calhoun, Sports Editor. Photo courtesy of VSU.

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