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Column: What caused Miami to cancel spring break?

Spring break just passed for Valdosta State University, and many other college students are going on spring break this month.  

Many students take trips to see their family, but most students are known to take trips to Florida; a state known for its sun-drenched beaches, warm climate, and popular spots such as Orlando and Miami. 

However, despite Miami being a popular spring break spot, the city made a statement saying that they were breaking up with spring breakers over the damage and behavior done every year during this time.  

Today, we look at what caused Miami to cancel spring break. 

To begin with, Miami, is known for its vibrant nightlife, sandy beaches, and laissez-faire atmosphere, and has long been a popular destination for those who see spring break as an opportunity to shed inhibitions and party to their heart’s content. However, an often-overlooked aspect is that Miami is more than just a vacation spot; it is a city with a thriving local community.

Many locals have to deal with the visitors coming and trashing their community, which puts their lives in danger.  

For example, there was a shooting that happened last year that caused Miami to declare a state of emergency.  

NBC Chicago stated that “The social media campaign, which explains stricter rules for tourists, comes a year after Miami Beach declared a state of emergency following two fatal shootings during spring break.”  

This shooting was the breaking point for Miami, and to try to stop another shooting from happening again Miami placed laws that people could not ignore without getting some type of fine.  

These fines, stated by NBC Chicago, were said to “Call out visitors who want to get drunk in public and ignore laws rather than enjoy the city’s culture.”  

Some of these rules that Miami Beach police enforced were curfews, security checkpoints at beach access points, early beach entrance closures, and road restrictions.  These measures will be in effect every Thursday through Sunday in March.  

However, this made people think nobody would go to Miami, which is false. 

While these rules are much stricter, they do not mean students cannot have fun. If the rules and guidelines are durable, Miami will probably continue to be a well-known spot for spring breaks. 

“You come here, you have a good time, you behave, and we will invite you back,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Wayne A. Jones in an interview. “You come here and break the law, we are likely gonna arrest you.” 

Written by Genesis Collins, Staff Reporter.  Photos by Unsplash.

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