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Attractive athletes: captivating charm on and off the field

In a world of sports, skill, and dedication there is no denying that some of our favorite athletes do not only possess great talent but also their captivating looks. As we dive into this year’s roster of attractive sports players from all over the world, it should be evident why their charms are beyond the field…or court. 

 Jude Bellingham  

Starting off strong, English football player Jude Bellingham of the English National Football team made his debut to the media back in 2020 but has started to gain more attention with his talented skills and his good looks. The 20-year-old now has social media users swooning over him and the good sportsmanship he has demonstrated during some of his games.   

 Travis Kelce 

Ever since this American football player starting dating pop singer Taylor Swift, he has been in the public eye a lot, but this isn’t his first time. It is no secret that Travis Kelce has captured the hearts of his fans with his handsome face and silly personality. Whether he’s got a fade and full beard or a fade and a Texas style mustache, after seeing him, you may just become a Chiefs fan. 

Simone Biles 

Even if her husband doesn’t notice her talents, the rest of the world certainly does. Simone Biles has been the face of gymnastics for the past four years and has been universally recognized for talent, grace, and beauty. She not only dominates the floor, but she is also a book writer and highly active in social media. She definitely is a catch. 

Online VSU senior Aidan Barnes says, “Simone Biles needs to find a new husband, and that husband should definitely be me.” 

Jordan Riki 

The newest handsome face in the media is New Zealand rugby player Jordan Riki who plays for the Australian rugby team, the Brisbane Broncos. The player went viral in October 2023 from a fan made edit and the media noticed that he looked just as good as he played. He has since gotten the attention of social media users, especially on TikTok.  

 Skylar Diggins-Smith 

The beautiful point guard of the Phoenix Mercury’s continues to wow the crowd with her talents, but her talents and gorgeous looks are just a bonus to her impact beyond basketball. She continues to inspire others through her leadership and advocacy in making a difference within her community. 

 Odell Beckham Jr. 

Making his way back into entertainment news is Ravens player Odell Beckham Jr. It is unclear when he became viral again, but people seem to remember how handsome the man is. According to senior mass media major Amber Booker, “He just looks good.” 


 Written by Jasmine Hightower, Entertainment Editor.  Photo courtesy of MGN.


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