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Counseling Center helps students with final exam stress

Final exams are approaching, which means this is when most students put in the slightest effort to achieve good grades and turn in any missing assignments they may have.

Final exams can also bring on a lot of stress and anxiety for students due to studying and the stress of trying to get a good grade.

In an article posted by U.S. News and World Report, more than 89% of respondents said they felt stress from exams, and nearly 74% said studying brought them stress.

Freshman Layla Williams is experiencing her first taste of final exams this year.

“I felt a lot of stress during final exam season since the test determined many of my grade percentages. It’s also stressful because I have to study for all of my tests simultaneously. It’s like I never get a break, which brings on a lot of anxiety,” said Williams.

VSU offers students access to mental health resources.

The Counseling Center provides mental health services for students, including access to emergency mental health resources.

An article posted by the Health Service Executive (HSE) said practicing mindfulness helps you focus on what’s happening now.

Going for a walk, run, or to the gym is a great way to clear your head and can help you focus.

“I make sure to prioritize rest and to hang out with friends,” said VSU alumni Chloe Screen.

Students may feel pressure during finals, but it’s important to make sure to take time to prioritize your mental health. That way, you can successfully pass your exams.

To make an appointment with the Counseling Center or to ask about services, call the Counseling Center at (229) 333-5940.

Written by Genesis Collins, Staff Reporter. Photo by Unsplash. 

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