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C’s get degrees, but these apps will get an ‘A’

Smart devices are not only good for pictures and social media, but they can help you be successful this spring semester. Technology has advanced over the past two decades that there are now apps that will help keep you on track when it comes to your academic work. My Study Life is a free app that is compatible with both ...

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Preview: The flip phone’s second coming

I opened YouTube one morning to find this: “Nubia’s X phone ditches front cameras for double displays.” I was probably the only person freaking out about this. A phone with double displays? That’s the personification of innovation, such as ZTE’s Axon M (2017) that was essentially a Nintendo DS in phone form. After Apple began manufacturing iPhones with a notch, ...

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iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini Receive New Redesigns

On Oct. 30, Apple unveiled their newest products that are scheduled to release on Nov. 7: the MacBook Air with Retina Display, the new Mac Mini and two new iPad Pros. Apple is ending the year on a high note. After the first event revealing the new iPhones, they weren’t kidding by naming their second event “There’s More in the ...

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Google’s newest smartphone, the Google Pixel 3, is said by many reviewers to contain the best camera in any smartphone known to date, but the camera wasn’t the only thing that took it up a notch. There are two variations of the phone, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but the Pixel 3 XL’s display just got a notch. ...

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Fall brings new games

“Assassin’s Creed”: “Odyssey” is the latest of the “Assassin’s Creed” games, and according to its developers, it’s much different than its predecessors.    The game, set in 431 B.C. during the Peloponnesian war in Greece, allows you to choose the gender of your character as well as adding other role-playing elements which are new to the franchise. There are dialogue options, multiple endings and even a ...

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Apple watch makes needed improvements

On Sept. 21, Apple introduced the new Apple Watch Series 4, and it’s official: we’ve reached the age where we can wear mini smartphones on our wrists. The ability to call, text and even search the web now lay on our wrists saving us the extra step of pulling our phones out of our pockets. Here’s what the Series 4 ...

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Snap and Shop: Is Snapchat’s new feature going too far?

Imagine this: you’re walking down the street and pass somebody wearing a particularly nice pair of shoes. You whip out your phone, open up Snapchat and point your camera. Within seconds, the price, name and Amazon page where the shoes can be found are on your screen for you to buy. It might sound like science fiction, but this is ...

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‘NBA 2k19’ brings new features

A camera pans across a frenzied Boston Garden as Celtics Legend Larry Bird takes the floor to square off against Magic Johnson and The Lakers. Bird is flanked by basketball Demigods Bill Russell and John Havlicek, but Johnson is sharing the court with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.   This isn’t a Bill Simmons fever dream or an NBA Championship caught ...

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Are the new iPhones really worth it?

Last year was a big year for Apple: they revolutionized the iPhone design by giving it a nearly bezel-less display and ditching the famous home button. They also became one of the first companies to sell a $1,000 smartphone.   On Sept. 12, Apple introduced the latest additions to the iPhone family: the XS, XS Max and the XR. While the naming of the devices ...

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‘Bloodborne’ gameplay scores high with critics

Written by Alex Corbitt Developer FromSoft doesn’t disappoint with its new game, “Bloodborne.” The hype surrounding the game’s upcoming release stems from the Dark Soul community’s fascination with the game’s grim fantasy world. In this world, anything and everything wants to kill you, creating a challenging, dark, and complex gaming experience. Shrouded in mystery, the story of Bloodborne is theorized ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!