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Web Exclusive: Cat dormitories at Fl. Southern

While VSU has seen its fair share of cats running around the campus, Florida Southern has decided that giving these cats their own dormitories might be the best solution for ensuring these feral felines are taken care of.

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Web Exclusive: Top Weekend Picks

Continue experiencing love Valentine’s may be over, but you can still show your affection for the one that you love. Here are some places you can go and things that you can do to turn your Valentine’s Day into your Valentine’s Weekend. 1.            Everyone wants to wake up to the smell of home cooking at least one day of their ...

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Zombies attack at Sustella

Centennial Hall residents looking for a cool breeze typically crack open their windows, but on Saturday, they got a bit more than they bargained for. At 8 a.m., growls, snarls, and screams echoed through Sustella parking deck. Why? Zombie attack.

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