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ASC for a PAL at VSU’s Tutoring Center

If after spending a lot of time navigating through the confusing halls of Nevins you realize that you need even more time to figure out just what your professor was even talking about during class, the best place to turn to is the Academic Support Center. Located on the second floor of Odum Library, the Academic Support Center is an ...

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‘We saw this as an opportunity’: VSU opens Learning Commons

On Feb. 19, Alan Berenstein, VSU dean of libraries, cut the ribbon for the new Common Learning student center, welcoming all students to come and explore the new renovations. Bernstein said he’s excited about the center’s future and the prospect of students coming and doing more group study sessions to increase academic success. “The library has always been a great ...

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Students, faculty react to Odum Library renovations

Though Odum Library renovations debuted on Jan. 14, students, staff and faculty weren’t able to share their opinions until the tour showcased on Jan. 24. For the most part, the tour’s audience seemed equally excited about the renovations made to the library and thinks it’ll be beneficial to students. The renovations included moving the Academic Support Center, formerly Student Success ...

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New Academic Support Center opens, library renovations finish

With a new semester comes new features, and the Academic Support Center has given no less. After half a year of renovations, the ASC officially opened its doors to VSU on Jan. 14. Students both on and off campus have already begun to take advantage of the restored VSU feature. Student employees Alanna Lewis and Candelario Calderon shared excitement after ...

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Academic Support Center opens new tutoring service

Valdosta State University’s Academic Support Center announced recently that, starting in the fall semester, they will provide free, around the clock, online tutoring for current students. While the ASC offers peer tutoring on campus for many subjects, they cannot meet all of the 24/7 needs of VSU students, which is why they have decided to hire an outside company to ...

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The Student Success Center gets a name change

Interests were piqued when, seemingly overnight, signs outside of VSU’s Student Success Center changed to reflect a new name. The true story behind it lie in the new changes to propel student success forward. Dr. Chere Peguesse, the director of the, now, Academic Support Center, made the decision to change the name of the center simply to decrease confusion. After ...

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