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Students, staff and faculty received a tour and the chance to react to the recently finished library renovations on a guided tour or the new area.

Students, faculty react to Odum Library renovations

Though Odum Library renovations debuted on Jan. 14, students, staff and faculty weren’t able to share their opinions until the tour showcased on Jan. 24.

For the most part, the tour’s audience seemed equally excited about the renovations made to the library and thinks it’ll be beneficial to students.

The renovations included moving the Academic Support Center, formerly Student Success Center, to the library. Dr. Chere Peguesse, Director of the ASC, said she’s always wanted it to be in the library.

“We have been asking for space over here for years,” Peguesse said.

The renovation also saw the addition of several new study rooms, some new and improved seating, and small but modern cubicles for students to individually study.

One aspect of this remodel focused on making students more comfortable. Whether it is physical comfort, such as new seating, or allowing students to be more comfortable when seeking out tutoring, it seems this goal has been accomplished so far.

Senior Ashunti Gore said the library felt “crammed” and “stuffy” before, but the atmosphere is different now.

“[I] feel more comfortable coming to the library,” she said.

Dr. Rodney Carr, Vice President of Student Success, said one of the students’ biggest needs before the renovation was more study space.

“Trying to create a collaborative study space makes students feel very normal about coming in and asking for help,” he said.

The new glass study rooms are to thank for this added comfort and study space to the library.

But Carr isn’t the only one excited about the new study rooms. Senior Jocelyn Diaz said they are what she is most excited about using.

As for students feeling comfortable when coming to receive tutoring at the ASC, this goal was met in large part by moving it to the library.

“Students already come to the library to study and work with the research librarians […] so it just makes sense to have the tutors over here,” Peguesse said.

According to Peguesse, the renovation has eliminated the “separation” between not only the ASC and the library but also between tutors, ASC directors and students.

While the library renovations were met with mostly high praise across the board, there is one thing Gore wished was different. Although she feels more comfortable, she expected more space to be involved in the renovation, especially given the multi-semester time frame it took to complete these upgrades.

“I wish there [were] more of [the renovations] everywhere else,” Gore said. “I do feel like it was a long time, and it does look good in here, but I wish it was [more than] just this section. Maybe a whole floor.”

Other than that, the remodel of the library has left everyone in the tour pleased.

There may be an opportunity for more of the same type of updates in the future, but for now, students seem optimistic about the new space and are encouraged to take advantage of the newly renovated section of the second floor of Odum Library.

Written by Maria Sellers, Staff Writer. Photos by Bryce Ethridge, Content Editor.

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