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Ashley Cinemas lights up the night one last time

On July 22, VSU posted to Facebook stating that Ashley Cinemas would be lit up for the last time on July 23 and July 24 so the community could have a final farewell before demolition begins. The red and white lights shined bright on the dark parking lot pavement as movie-goers from Ashley Cinemas’ past sat and reminisced on good ...

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Board of Regents Ignores Recommendations to Change Problematic VSU Building Names

Buildings on VSU's campus named after problematic historical figures

The USG Board of Regents decided against renaming more than 70 building across the university system last semester that are named after those who partook in slavery, oppression, anti-Semitism and supremacy. Five of these buildings are located on VSU’s campus, including residence halls. They are Ashley Cinema, Brown Hall, Langdale Hall, Lowndes Hall and Patterson Hall. The buildings are named ...

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