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Facebook and Twitter- a way of life

Wake up. Change my status on Facebook and read a couple of other people’s statuses. Get on Twitter and tweet to everyone that I am on Facebook checking statuses. Go to class. While in class, get on Facebook and see what everyone is doing while in class. Tweet to see if anyone wants to go eat after class. Leave class. ...

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Guys and girls can be just friends

Is it really possible to be really good friends with someone of the opposite sex? Some people think it is completely impossible for a guy to be friends with a girl and not want to sleep with her. But some guys have tons of friends who happen to be girls and still have healthy relationships with their girlfriends. Other people ...

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Trials of long distance love

Do you believe that a long-distance relationship can work? It depends, right? Does it depend on the distance? Does it depend on the person or does it depend on you? How and will a long distance relationship work with college-age people might be the question now, but the ultimate question is, do you have what it takes to indulge in ...

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Friendships worth more than a fight

Building and keeping friendships is not easy. They take the same type of effort as any other relationship you might come across in your life. Learning when to let someone go, and when to hold on and continue a relationship, might be some of the hardest decisions you make in your life, but they are decisions that will have to ...

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Clear communication necessary before the next step

So you two had sex. It was okay sex. But now he/she is acting like he/she is always busy or just don’t have enough time for anything. She said she was in the library studying, but you walked around the entire library slowly and saw no glimpse of her. Every time you call him, he sends you a text back ...

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Tallahassee has good deals for more cost effective vacations

So you want to get away, but don’t have that much cash. Well, make your way to Tallahassee, Fl. Tallahassee is roughly an hour and a half away and the trip both ways will not cost you more than $100. Most likely you will not be going by yourself so if you split the cost of gas up between about ...

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Jobs, transportation hard to find

        The price for me to attend college this semester, including books, housing, an a-la-carte meal plan, and all the other fees imposed by VSU and the Board of Regents, was $5,518. My financial aid, including my Hope Scholarship, was only $4,000; I was $1,518 short. I decided I was going to take out a loan for the amount of ...

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Shoppers should put purchases in perspective

The holidays are traditionally a time for fellowship, family, vacation . . . and shopping, for oneself and for others. As many have observed, the holidays have become increasingly commercialized, and holiday tradition seems to require gift-giving. Considering the nation’s troublesome economic situation, though, many people are concerned about affording gifts.             However, stores are capitalizing on people’s ...

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Students attend anti-DUI lecture

 Some VSU students  listened to Chris Sandy’s story, a Georgian man convicted of two counts of vehicular homicide by DUI.  Sandy explained how one mistake ended the rest of his life.  On April 11, 2000, he was at a party and had four mixed drinks; a friend called him and told him to come to another party.  He jumped in ...

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Relay for Life sponsors ‘Spookin’ out Cancer’

Relay for Life hosted their annual kickoff event, “Spooking out Cancer.”  The events at the kickoff included a “Thriller” competition, “Pie-A-Professor,” a sack and spoon race, and a cake walk.    Their mission this year is to make VSU aware of Relay for Life and to get more students involved.  “We are going to have plenty of entertainment this year, awareness ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!