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How to stay productive during a quarantine

We all have nothing but time on our hands during this pandemic. Instead of being on your phones all day or binge-watching television shows and movies, now is the time to take advantage of the time we have to do all the things we usually would not have time to do.. If you have time to be bored at home, ...

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People Poll: What are the best bars/clubs in or near Remerton?

Since Valdosta is a thriving college town,  there are plenty of clubs, bars and lounges. Most students finds themselves drawn to the Remerton area due to the night life. Trying to figure out the best bars to visit? We have you covered. These are some of the bars students likes to go to in Remerton. “I prefer Flops or The ...

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How to stay mentally fit in college

As a college student it’s far too easy to go about our day disregarding our mental health. We put it off as being too tired or any other excuse other than being in tune with our mental health. Over the years, mental illness has become a very controversial topic, especially on college campuses. Everyone likes to rave about physical health ...

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