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People Poll: What are the best bars/clubs in or near Remerton?

Since Valdosta is a thriving college town,  there are plenty of clubs, bars and lounges. Most students finds themselves drawn to the Remerton area due to the night life. Trying to figure out the best bars to visit? We have you covered. These are some of the bars students likes to go to in Remerton.

Cameron Davis, junior mass media major

“I prefer Flops or The Pier whichever it’s called now. I like them because they have a bigger dance floor and space to move around and conversate.”

Deija Roberts, senior mass media major

“Well during the day it’s Mulligan’s Happy hour and at night Its where ever DJ Slim is. I go where ever he’s DJ’ing.”

Christian McGill, senior mass media major

“I prefer a bar called Moonraker or more that type of style bar. It’s not exactly in Remerton though. I have been to Flops and Bluewater but it’s not really my style. If I do go it’s usually with my girlfriend.”

Brian Bogues aka DJ Slim, senior mass media major

“I typically go to Mulligans because they have the cheapest drinks and their wings be bussin (good).”

What’s your favorite spot in Remerton? Let us know!

Written by Donisha Branham, staff writer. Photos couresty of Donisha Branham.

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