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West Hall Gets Needed Makeover

 Written By: Jessica Cooke After being under construction since spring 2014, West Hall is showing signs of further progression due to the efforts of architects to meet the scheduled completion date. Construction began as a result of issues with the air conditioning equipment. According to Raymond Sable, director of Physical Plant and Facilities Planning, West Hall’s renovations in 1985 consisted ...

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Semester comes to end Summer arrives as stress reliever

By: Jessica Cooke It’s finally here, the moment every VSU student has been waiting on—the end of the semester. This part of the year is best described as bittersweet; for there is the week of finals approaching, students graduating, going home for the summer, and transferring for the next school year. Although the end of spring semester in tales a ...

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Content over grades

Written by: Jessica Cooke With five weeks left in the spring semester, it’s safe to say the final days are here, and students of every classification are ready to wrap up their papers, projects, presentations and exams to enjoy two months outside of the classroom. Although the anticipation is rising, so is the question of how students’ performance this semester ...

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Stand your ground is selective

Written by: Jessica Cooke For the past couple of months, guns have been a hot topic in our society. The discussion ranges from Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law to the introduction of guns on public campuses under the argument of self-defense. Although guns are accepted according to the law, those laws aren’t fair to citizens who use their guns respectfully ...

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Take back your health

Written by: Jessica Cooke Students, it’s time to come to your senses and take your health back−while you still can. After CAB and AKA’s Heart Day forum on Feb. 4, thoughts concerning personal fitness and health reconstruction have certainly been at the forefront of some students’ minds, especially after learning that a poor diet and lack of exercise could contribute ...

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VSU plans search for new position, Chief of Staff

by Jessica Cooke   VSU will soon begin searching for a qualified candidate to fill the new position of Chief of Staff. The chief of staff will advise and assist President William McKinney on internal and external matters. The role of presidency has required presidents of universities to become more involved with respect to board, government and corporate relations. With ...

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