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Valdosta has options for summer activity

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Managing Editor The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and athletic opportunities on campus are becoming less frequent. However, there are still plenty of things to do outside to stay active this summer. Many of the activities hosted by VSU during the fall and spring semesters are free or at a discounted price, but the ...

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Student Spotlight: Mr.VSU has earned his title

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Managing Editor Jordan Surat-Jones, a junior business management major, is better known as Mr. VSU around campus. Surat-Jones has come a long way to get to VSU. He was originally born in Babylon, New York on Long Island, and his family now lives in Kennesaw. The name Mr. VSU came about in what Surat-Jones describes as ...

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VSU’s cross country runs into some stiff competition

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor VSU’s cross country ran into some stiff competition at the NCAA South Region Championships. The women’s team claimed 13th place and the men’s team Claimed 15th place at the meet on Nov. 9 in Saint Leo, Florida. The female team’s Tyra Holloway and Meghan McShea earned All-Region honors after finishing in the top 25. ...

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VSU’s newest restaurant, Which Wich, aims to make eating there an experience

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor VSU’s newest restaurant, Which Wich, aims to satisfy its customers and make eating there not just a pit stop but an experience, so that it may have the same success it has had on other college campuses. VSU’s dining options provider, Aramark, works with many colleges and suggested that Which Wich come to VSU. ...

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Election 2016: Stand in the Hillary party’s shoes

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor Trump won the presidential election and American reactions range from ecstatic to completely distraught. It is clear from many verbal and physical fights that many Americans are divided on politics—but those fights never change anyone’s mind.  Fights only do damage and enrage the opponent even more. Keep it friendly and aim to enlighten, not ...

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Was Christopher Columbus a fraud?

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor Did we spend our holiday on Monday celebrating a man who wasn’t the first non-native to land on American soil. Truth-out.org states that Columbus was not even the first non-native to land in the “new world;” evidence has shown that Vikings and Polynesians came long before him. Many of us learned in elementary school that Columbus ...

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Clinton wins debate with skills

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinion Editor An individual’s judgment on who won the debate usually comes down to whether they are a Democrat or Republican.  So in order to give an unbiased opinion on who did better, one must look past the politics and focus on accuracy of facts, body language, ability to answer and delivery. In this respect, it ...

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Infant simulators are an ineffective and outdated scare tatic

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor Infant simulators that are used to prevent teen pregnancy may actually be causing it. Schools should just stop using them. These simulators mimic live babies in both looks and maintenance. The doll will cry until a key representing a feeding, diaper change, or other form of care is inserted into the back. The doll ...

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EpiPen is too expensive: Patients don’t have many options

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor Mylan Inc.’s well-known product, the EpiPen, has increased in price 600 percent in the last several years– raising the price of an individual EpiPen from about $50 to over $300. According to Market Watch, a drug price-comparison will show that the cheapest option for EpiPens now is a two pack for over $600. Unfortunately, ...

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Soldier causes DUSTWUN: Court predictions for sentence too harsh

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor According to CNN, Army Private First Class Robert Bowdrie “Bowe” Bergdahl, could be facing life in prison on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. On June 30, 2009, Bergdahl went missing from his combat outpost in Paktika Province, Afghanistan.  Finally in May 2014, he was released from the Taliban after being held ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!