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Four Loko banned

Four Loko, a popular drink among college students nation-wide, has been stirring up controversy at some universities and has been banned in five states.

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New equipment aids in hand-eye coordination

   VSU’s Athletic Department has a new approach to aid its players in hand-eye coordination on the field.  CogniSens Athletics, a Canadian-based company, has donated two of their NeuroTracker devices with 3D-MOT (Multiple Object Tracking) to VSU to assist with the development and training of its athletes.   Mark Powell, a VSU alum and Vice President of Collegiate Development for CogniSens ...

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VSU Golfers return from off-season

Back from their off-season, the VSU Men’s Blazer golf team is as confident as ever with a look of determination in their eyes and a “drive” to make it to the Nationals. After being named one of the top five teams of the decade by the Gulf South Conference and setting the standard for excellence in athleticism, the Blazers are ...

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New product to assist students

 Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phone into an automatic note-taking machine, allowing recorded lectures to be downloaded to your computer for easy review with Eidetiq from Chubby Weasel Technologies.  For $4.99, the application simultaneously captures photographs and records audio of the lecture or presentation.  “Eidetiq is a revolutionary note-taking app to remember what’s important, both visually and with ...

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Bobby Stiner: Blazer Athletic Advocate

 Every day at VSU, athletes from various sports are constantly on the grind, but students rarely get a chance to meet the driving force behind the team.  Working as a graduate assistant here at VSU is no easy task, but it is something that Bobby Stiner has a passion for.  “I love my job here and the opportunity I have ...

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