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New product to assist students

 Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phone into an automatic note-taking machine, allowing recorded lectures to be downloaded to your computer for easy review with Eidetiq from Chubby Weasel Technologies.
 For $4.99, the application simultaneously captures photographs and records audio of the lecture or presentation.
 “Eidetiq is a revolutionary note-taking app to remember what’s important, both visually and with sound on your Smartphone,” Jason Novak, CEO of Chubby Weasel Technologies said. “The app allows you to focus on what you’re listening to in the moment, and then go back and document the highlights.”
 The application is being met with contrasting opinions among Valdosta State University students.
 “I think this would be helpful as far as being able to record lectures,” Levi McKinney, a senior English major said. “Having the lectures and the professor’s words would be more beneficial than putting just notes down.”
 Mike Petrella, a sophomore mass media major believes the new application would not be a good thing.
 “I think the application would allow students to disengage themselves from the class,” Mike Petrella, a sophomore mass media major said. “Paying attention and writing notes during class are the best ways to learn the material.”
 There are many concerns from students on the VSU campus about using an application like this.
 Many students feel that it would be beneficial, but are afraid to download and use this application in fear of being “called out” during class for being on their phones.
 “It’s a really neat thing. I would use this all the time,” Chad Novack, a junior Environmental Geo Sciences major said. “You would be using this to take down their notes. I would think they would appreciate that.”
 Eidetiq software will log notes automatically and give students more time to concentrate and interact with their professor.
 Although a controversial topic, many feel that this application would be beneficial to students and professors alike.
 However, many professors do not allow audio or video recording during their lectures unless a student has special needs, so check with your professor before using the Eidetiq application.
 If you may qualify for classroom accommodations, visit the Student Access website at http://www.valdosta.edu/access/.
 For more information on the new product, visit www.eidetiq.com.

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  1. Thanks for the comments in relation to the app. Just like with any audio recorder, it is up to the user to get permission before they record anyone else. Colleges and universities are starting to release course videos and notes to not only their own students but the general public as well. We know we are out front of this and some professors / schools might not allow the use of Eidetiq, maybe you can convince your professor to use the app him or herself, and then share the notes with you in a secure and collaborative way. If you download it, please provide us feedback on what you like and don’t like… also, you can check out one of our funny into training videos on youtube, search Eidetiq

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