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Michael Myers returns in ‘Halloween Kills’

Michael Myers strikes back in ‘Halloween Kills’. After the ending of the ‘Halloween’ film in 2018, Myers has returned to terrorize those who escaped him. Laurie Strode (reprised by Jamie Lee Curtis) and her granddaughter, Karen Strode (Judy Greer), flee from the blaze in the previous film’s finale, pursued by Myers, as they attempt to get away from what can ...

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“Cinderella”: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Bleh

From the countless adaptations of “Cinderella,” the movie has come a long way for her to get her “girlboss” title. But at what cost? “Cinderella” has been a tale told many times, starting with origins in China as “Yeh-Shen” and Greek mythology as Rhodopis. However, many know the story for its Disney iterations of the classic tale: poor girl who ...

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Review: Dragon Ball Super: Broly crushes expectations

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the definitive Dragon Ball experience. One that has been years in the making. Though the movie came out in U.S. theaters on Jan. 16, fans have been waiting for this movie since its first trailer. Even before that, for some. Spoilers beware because they’re coming. The movie is the most story-driven Dragon Ball movie yet ...

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Our point of view: Movies to get in the holiday spirit

It’s that jolly time of the year again. ‘Tis the season to wear ugly Christmas sweaters, drink eggnog, and ball on a budget when buying your loved ones’ gifts.   What about holiday films though, the ones that you grew up with and can’t wait to watch every year no matter how big you get? I think that people tend to forget that ...

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Grab the popcorn: The Spectator’s monthly movie review

It’s a Friday night. There’s nothing to do. You have a few dollars and realize that there’s a new movie coming out today that interests you, but you’re not sure if it will be good. Well, here are some reviews for some of the recent summer releases: Girl’s Trip  One of this summer’s most talked about movies was met with equal numbers and reviews. Girl’s Trip was released in July ...

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