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People Poll: What’s your Spring Break horror story?

Sam Raffield sophomore English major “I had to sit through New Moon with Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson with their shirts off. ” Stephanie Cooper senior English major “My boyfriend got pulled over in Panama City and got eight tickets in one stop.” Ansley Fender junior English major “We were in PC and there was a drunk girl in the ...

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People Poll: What do you think of when you someone mentions St. Patty’s day?

Datonia Hughes senior mass media major ““I think of green, green, green because that is my all-time favorite color. I’m a nature person so spring is not too far behind St. Patrick’s Day. When you think of green, you think of spring.” Shannette Samms senior psychology major “I think of Riverdance, green, and leprechauns.” Benjamin Starling senior mass media major ...

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People Poll: What should VSU cut from spending?

Asya Greenwood junior journalism major “I think that VSU spends money effectively and cutting $9 million would negatively impact the progress of the campus.” Erica Whitaker sophomore education major “I think the movie theater in the UC should be cut off because there’s really no use for it.” J.J. Wortham junior journalism major “VSU should cut the expenses used to ...

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People Poll: Are you a Facebook stalker?

Paul Guzman Jr sophomore mass media major “I’m not simply because I am not on Facebook a lot.” Xio Serano-Arce junior psychology major “In a sense yes, because I have certain profiles I frequently visit. I like looking through pictures and checking statuses to see what they’ve been up to. But if people don’t want to be ‘stalked’ why have ...

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People Poll: Is obesity an epidemic?

Tammy Leavell junior, middle grades science “Yes, because you see evidence in a broad range of ages, young to old.” Calandria Grogan senior, sociology “Yes, because today children are being raised differently by younger parents. The parents need to watch what their children eat and be more active with them. “ Daniel Resciniti senior, mass media “Yes, never in the ...

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People Poll: Should guns be allowed on campus?

Lauren Scaffa junior communications “I don’t think there is a necessity for weapons on campus but constitutionally I think they should be allowed to carry them as long as they are not concealed.” Markel Davis, junior contemporary lit “I personally don’t think that we should have weapons on campusbecause individuals who can be negligent could cause innocent bystanders to get ...

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People Poll: Do you want a Fall Break and a three day Thanksgiving or a week for Thanksgiving?

Jordan Bradford, Freshman, Undecided “I would rather have fall break and Thanksgiving out because it breaks up the semester.” Ebony Njie, Freshman, Psychology/Counseling “I would like a week out for Thanksgiving because I would have more time with my family.” Haley Gay, Junior, Pre-Pharmacy “It’s nice having two different breaks during the semester so I hope we keep fall break.” ...

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People Poll: What was the best part of ‘70s pop culture?

Morgan Herrin Junior sociology major “The music”   Rachael Dillon  Sophomore biology major “The disco ball and bell bottoms” .Angelique Witmer Junior psychology/philosophy major “Progressive music and women’s rights movement” Sherry Guess Sophomore clinical psychology major “It opened a new revolution of higher consciousness.” Pennica Irvin Sophomore, Math major  “The platform shoes” Daniel Clay Senior finance major “The disco”  Richard ...

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People Poll: What’s your favorite part of the new Student Union?

Laura Walsh Freshman undecided major “It’s beautiful, I love the food the most. I love the Loop a lot. I come here all the time.” Maurice Rosemond Sophomore art major “I like the top floor, because of the seats that they have you can sit and get quiet and really get some reading done up there.” Yuri McGhie Freshman biology ...

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People Poll: How would you evaluate your students this semester?

Anne Bowen Spanish Professor “I would give the student body a B based on [that] overall the students here are great kids, but they have room for improvement.” John Dunn History Professor “I would say better than passing, because students are more into history. They do their work and they get more into it. I was 19 once too, but ...

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