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People Poll: How much drinking is too much?

Jake Jones Sophomore Poli. Sci. major “My friend, who doesn’t drink takes my keys away from me when I’ve had enough.” Chelsey Griffin Senior Biology major “Me personally, I know when I’ve had enough when I start doing cartwheels and hand stands.” Aftab Fazal Freshman chemistry major “When my friends start getting rowdy and out of control, then it’s time ...

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People Poll: Which Do You Prefer… Vampires or Zombies?

Brittany Dove Freshmen Public Relations major “Zombies, because vampires are over-rated.” James Earp Junior Mass Media major “Zombies because they freaking kick butt and I would rather be eaten where my body is going to something useful than drained.”          Aerolyn Shaw Sophomore Public Relations major “Vampires, because they are more romantisized than zombies, and they are able to ...

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People Poll: Which do you prefer: Hopper or Palms?

Cameron Woods Senior Computer Technology major “I’m a commuter student so I don’t really eat there and it’s irrelevant to my campus life.  If I’m going to pay cash, I rather get what I like, so I cook.” Alex Perry Junior Business Management major “I think there should just be one because they both have almost the same thing except ...

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