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People Poll: What is your favorite Halloween memory?

 Christie Baker junior sociology and anthropology major “I guess the worst Halloween night was when some of my roommates got drunk and trashed my house.” Verity Pearce junior early childhood education major “My favorite Halloween memory would probably be when my friend and I went out to Wild Adventures and we got chased by a guy with a clown mask ...

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People Poll: After Fall Break, how do you prepare for the rest of the semester?

Victoria Moore  senior education major   “During fall break I started on some work so now I don’t have to work so hard.” Jacob Smith freshman engineering major “I do the same thing I did before the break, study.” Chaz Thomas  senior marketing major “I continue my same study habits I did before fall break, it’s just two days.” Matia ...

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People Poll: What are you most looking forward to for Fall Break?

 Ann Marie Mascolo freshman early childhood major “Seeing my friends and family. I miss them so much!” Trent Taylor sophomore accounting major “Just chilling and not having to worry about school.” Reginald Ferguson junior nursing major “Volunteering for Second Harvest on ‘Make a Difference Day’.” Daniela Herrera  sophomore biology major “Getting a break from school and seeing my family..” Kristin ...

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People Poll: What’s your greatest fear?

Perla Bedolla senior biology major “I’m afraid of heights.” James Bryson senior exercise physiology major “Not being successful.” Kimberly Evans junior biology major “Bees. I hate Bees.” Damian Grey freshman mass media major “Fear of true freedom.” A’shea Johnson freshman psychology major “Heights or anything that takes me off solid ground.”

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People Poll: What’s your favorite part about homecoming?

 Rachel Holley  junior exercise physiology  major “Everything is fun! I enjoy seeing everyone participating.”  David Durden senior music major “I don’t really have one. Homecoming is kind of lost on me and I don’t keep up with the events.”  Sandy Gamino freshman sports medicine major “My favorite part of Homecoming is seeing everybody there preparing for Homecoming. It’s really great ...

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People Poll: Do you wish VSU had its own football stadium?

Harrison Pratt sophomore political science major “Oh yeah, definitely.” Golden Scott  junior public relations major “It really should by now.” Chris Thomas  graduate student sociology major “Oh yeah. I can’t believe they don’t have one.” Kerry Murphy junior music education major “It’s a shame we don’t have one. It’s ridiculous.” Kyle Helms sophomore computer science major “Definitely yes!.”

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People Poll: Do you think tying in pop culture to classes would have an impact?

Brittany Blaschke   sophomore early childhood major “Yes, people would take them but it wouldn’t really help with your major classes.” Sean Willet   intramural and club sport grad assistant “No, because all you need to do is watch TV every night and you’ll find out everything you need to know.” Ricky Staebler   junior health and phusical  major “No, unless it is ...

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People Poll: With Saturday’s big win are you more likely to attend the games?

Tanteneya Horne junior mass media major “Definitely, I love to support my school. It doesn’t really matter to me if they lose or win.” Alexandra Lodmell sophomore mass media major “Oh yeah, definitely! I’m not a fan of football, but I look forward to the next game.” Eric Carlson junior journalism major “I’ll definitely consider going to some more games. ...

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People Poll: What do you think about possible policies with use of the front lawn?

Sydney Matheson sophomore communications major “The Front Lawn is just as much of a social gathering place as the Student Union, so putting a restriction on it would be lessening student interaction. That’s dumb.” Corey Waynedouthit freshman pre-med major “They gotta do what they gotta do. I think people should respect it.” Robert Stewart freshman undecided major “I don’t know ...

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People Poll: Do you think freshmen should have cars?

Jazlyn Wheeler senior Media major “NO! As a senior, I should not have to park on the fifth floor or the parking deck, that really sucks man.” Marie Browne junior middle grades education major “Freshman shouldn’t be allowed to have cars unless VSU gets more parking. ” Anthony Holloway junior computer information systems major “No freshman shouldn’t have cars because ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

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