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People Poll: How do you feel about Sodexo being replaced?

“If the food is better, then I have no problem with it.” Katherine Geter freshman mathmatics major “I think Sodexo is doing a pretty good job, and I don’t think it’s necessary to change.” Myles Rabunt  freshman undecided major “It doesn’t matter to me as long as the new food vendor serves better food.” Keith Simmons sophomore biology major “I ...

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People Poll: What do you think about the Regents Test being done away with?

 “I’m upset about them taking the test away because I had to take it twice and pass. New students are getting off easy.” Jazmine LeCount  junior nursing major “I really don’t care if the test is taken away or not. I passed it.” Lorraine Dawkins  sophomore political science major “I feel like it if they had it there to take, ...

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People Poll: Who are you picking to win the Super Bowl XLV and why?

“I’m going with the Steelers, because my family is from Pittsburgh.” Imani Briamh freshman finance major “I want the Steelers to win because Wiz [Khalifa] is from Pittsburgh and I love wiz.” Angelica Gibson freshman undecided major “Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers has been on fire and no defense has been able to stop him. The Bears were a top rated ...

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People Poll: Do you think VSU uses too much money on varsity athletes?

  Matthew Vongsavan,  junior psychology major   “No, because they need some incentive to bring them to this school.” Guy Abernathy senior criminal justice major “Yes because the athletes first of all get uniforms and equipment provided by the school on top of all the food that is catered to them and rides with meals during trips.”   David Zeon ...

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People Poll: Do you think energy drinks mixed with alcohol like Four Loko should be banned?

  Ashley King  sophomore nursing major   “Yes. Mixing Alcohol with energy drinks makes underage drinkers think it’s ok to drink.” Mack Clemons junior middle grades education major “I don’t think so because it limits the freedoms of American society.” Sasha Sanders sophomore  early childhood  education major “Yes, because it will give you an ‘energy drink high’ and then make ...

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People Poll: What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Nicole Gadson freshman pre-nursing mjor “My birthday being on Thanksgiving.” Latoia Blassingame freshman marketing major “When I was finally old enough to sit at the adult’s table.” Bridgitte Ivey junior English major “Going to my great-grandmother’s house and eating home cooked southern food.” Joey Lawson junior history major “When the turkey exploded.” Austin Johnson freshman communication major “Being with my ...

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People Poll: How do you feel about the constant weather changes?

Olivia Higgins sophomore art major “I honestly feel like Valdosta has two seasons, winter and fall. Right now, Mother Nature has her panties in a bunch and can’t decide which one to proceed with.” Valencia Williams junior mass media major “It fluctuates way too often. Honestly, I am tired of the guess work.” Darrell Boner junior mass media major “It’s ...

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People Poll: What did you think of the World Series?

Shawn Foley  senior political science major “I think it was good for baseball to have two teams play who do not usually advance far in the playoffs. I got tired of seeing Philadelphia and New York always winning.” William Knight sophomore middle grades education major “I think the World Series was really boring because my Yankees were not in it.” ...

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People Poll: What is your favorite Halloween memory?

 Christie Baker junior sociology and anthropology major “I guess the worst Halloween night was when some of my roommates got drunk and trashed my house.” Verity Pearce junior early childhood education major “My favorite Halloween memory would probably be when my friend and I went out to Wild Adventures and we got chased by a guy with a clown mask ...

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People Poll: After Fall Break, how do you prepare for the rest of the semester?

Victoria Moore  senior education major   “During fall break I started on some work so now I don’t have to work so hard.” Jacob Smith freshman engineering major “I do the same thing I did before the break, study.” Chaz Thomas  senior marketing major “I continue my same study habits I did before fall break, it’s just two days.” Matia ...

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