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People Poll: How do you feel about the new ‘House Calls’ program?

“It was lame! All I got was a stapler…but the girl was nice though.” Victoria Perry Pre-nursing major/ freshman “I think it’s very endearing to the freshmen and it makes them feel welcome, because I’m a senior and I know how it feels to be new.” LaRae Parker Middle Grades Education / Senior “It’s good; they just need to give ...

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People Poll: What do you think about VSU’s first soccer team?

Tanisha Lucas freshman psychology major “I went to their first game—it was beast! I loved the goalie and number eighteen.” Becca Schilling senior psychology major “They’ve obviously got some good players.” Donielle Fussell freshmen engineering major “It’s a step in the right direction. It’s about time people start looking at what women can do with a soccer ball. World Cup ...

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People Poll: What did you enjoy most about the VMAs?

“My favorite performance was Bruno Mars because he actually sang live, danced, and it was for Amy Winehouse.” Amy Vardeman sophomore biology major “My favorite performance was Beyonce because of her revealing her pregnancy.” Joplin Stryon senior psychology major “My favorite part was the celebrities arriving on the black carpet.” William Carraway freshmen undecided major “My favorite performance was Adele ...

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People Poll: What do you think about BlazeView and VSU email crashing the first week back to school?

“Having Blazeview crash is a large inconvenience mainly because our professors assign our assignments through that program. It’s putting students behind in their work and causing major problems.” Tayla Brooks Sophomore Pre-nursing Major “Trying to get ready for classes, get to know teachers, buy books, etc. became pretty much impossible when Blazeview crashed. It really set me back. I understand ...

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People Poll: What do you think of Dr. Schloss resigning?

“I’m gonna be sad to see him go, he was a great man and did a lot of great things far the university. We are gonna be hard pressed to find someone as good as he is.” Aaron Hatch freshman marketing major “I think it sucks that he’s leaving. Who will take care of the major issues for the school ...

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People Poll: Where were you during the power outage?

“I was asleep. I didn’t even know that the power went out.” Griffin Driskell junior marketing  major “I was in class. We ended up staying in class the whole period and it was really hot.” Tangelia Moss sophomore nursing major “I was sleeping and my roommate came in and told me that the power went out. I told her I ...

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People Poll: What do you think about the new Nightlights drug?

“I don’t know what that is.” Megan Powell freshman dental hygiene major “I feel like people shouldn’t do it because it will over stimulate the dopamine in their brain and they will become depressed.” Renee Johnson freshman finance major “I have no idea what it is.” Antoin Freedman sophomore undecided major “I know of it and have seen my friends ...

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People Poll: What do you think about students using technology in classes?

“Technology is essential! Our world is constantly progressing, so our education in the classroom progresses accordingly.” Jannae Bryant junior art major “I don’t like it. I prefer the old fashion way, pen and paper.” Camille Drummond junior nursing major “I hate it. I hate computers. I’m technologically illiterate.” Latoia Blassingame freshman marketing major “I like it. It makes it easier ...

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People Poll: How do you feel about the biomass electrical plant being proposed?

“I believe it is a pretty risky move by trying to put everything together like that.” Terry Cologne junior early childhood development major   “I don’t feel comfortable about it.” Asea Thompson junior interior design major “I think it is a bad idea; it is like putting the toaster in the bath tub.” Dj Davis sophomore exercise physiology major “I ...

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People Poll: Do people party too much during spring break or not enough?

“I think people party too much sometimes, but I don’t know. I can’t say for sure.” Markeisha Wilder freshman nursing major “It feels like we’re in school for so long that one week isn’t enough. Party! Party! Party!” Kris Dyson freshman journalism major “I think people party too much during spring break. When people get back to classes, they’re dragging.” ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

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