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Editorial: Journalism is evolving, not dying

The past few years have brought up a long-debated question: Is journalism dying? The emergence of the internet and social media has, in past years, been considered the killer of journalism. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted in 2021 that jobs within the journalism field are predicted to decline by approximately 5% by 2030. However, we at The Spectator believe ...

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Editorial: social media use raises mental health concerns

One of the greatest inventions in the past few decades is the internet, which allow people to google answers to questions and watch cat videos. When social media became popular, it opened a wide door of possibilities. First came Myspace, then Facebook, then around 2010, there came a plethora of social media websites and apps. Alongside the social media explosion ...

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Trump banned from Social Media

President Donald Trump was stripped of his beloved Twitter account. After the events that took place at our nation’s capital, many social media platforms have swiftly moved to rid Trump of his account. While many Democrats praised this decision, other Democrats feel as though this action was taken far too late because Trump and his colleagues have spread false information ...

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Social Media, Ethics, and You

Social media is an important topic for college students, especially in 2020, due to the increased usage of the platforms that has resulted from the worldwide societal effects of COVID-19. The fallout from this rise in usage was the focus of a virtual panel titled “Social Media, Ethics and You” conducted last month as part of Ethics Awareness Week, an ...

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Editorial: Private profiles don’t protect prejudice

People love to speak their minds, especially on their “private” social media profiles. But what if the content that is posted is troubling, or, like in some recent news, racist? Even though we are not a full month into 2018, incidents of prejudice and hate speech have flooded the media. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 19-year-old Harley Barber, a ...

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Students anticipate resurrection of six-second app

On Dec. 6 2017, the co-founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, released a photo on his twitter that had many in shock. The photo was of a green background with “v2” in white letters. Hofmann captioned the photo simply “v2.” This has led many people to believe there will be a resurgence of Vine. Throughout the month of January, Hofmann peppered ...

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