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It’s time to vote for SGA

VSU students can now vote for their Student Government Association representation. Voting opened on April 12 and will close on April 13 at 9 p.m. SGA members are student-elected and “meet regularly to formulate meaningful recommendations, advocate on behalf of the Student Body, and initiate programs that fall in line with SGAs’ mission,” according to the VSU SGA website. For ...

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VSU students are Running to the Polls for the 2022 Midterm Election

The polls are open for the 2022 Midterm Election, and many Georgians are running to vote for who will take control of congress for the last two years of President Joe Biden’s term and the next Georgia governor.  The candidates that are running for the U.S senate position during this midterm election are Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock.  ...

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Your Vote Matters

The heat of the upcoming election has brought skepticism about the legitimacy of voting. It is known throughout the country that the president is ultimately determined by the electoral college, which turns citizens away from voting. The truth of the matter is the popular vote does matter. In all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, the electoral college is ...

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Editorial: This generation must vote to change America

From COVID-19 to the Black Lives Matter protests, 2020 has opened the eyes of this generation. We have faced unspeakable tragedies in less than a year, and still we remain strong. The next step in improving our country is to vote. The semester of spring 2020 was cut short when news got out about COVID-19 being confirmed as the start ...

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A Look into Lowndes County Ballot

The presidential candidates aren’t the only people running this November. The Public Service Commissioners for Lowndes County will also be held with Republican candidate Jason Shaw and Democratic candidate Robert Bryant. According to the State of Georgia’s Public Service Commission, the role of a public service commissioner is deciding reasonable rates of utilities for Georgia citizens. The main utilities include ...

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