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Know Safety? No Pain. Here’s Some Killer Halloween Survival Tips

Let’s creep it real: Between the candy, costumes and parties, people do not give their general safety too much thought on Halloween. After all, it’s the nom to scare yourself to death by witnessing acts of diabolical brutality and totally wicked sorcery in the form of horror movies. Dumb teenagers getting mutilated by Freddy Kruger or Jason Voorhees and random ...

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Scariest Halloween movies ranked

Pumpkins are available, costumes are on sale, and aisles are flooding with candy and decorations in anticipation for the end of the month. But what’s Halloween without some great horror films? If you plan to watch them, take Deadpool’s advice and make sure to wear your brown pants just in case. 5. “Alien” (1979) It would be a shame to ...

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The Problem with Women’s Halloween Costumes

For horror fanatics such as myself, Halloween is the best time of the year. It is a time of tricks, treats, and costumes. However, for women, costumes seem to have one constant – being “sexy”. Let it be known that this is by no means an article on “slut-shaming”, but simply on why people expect females to be dressed a ...

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Save the (Boo)bies

October is finally upon us, and on every street corner, we can find simple, pink ribbons adorning the blouses, handbags and nail-art of women worldwide. This pink ribbon marks the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month utilized to spread breast cancer awareness in hopes detecting the tragic disease in its early stages. Breast cancer, next to skin ...

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Let’s talk about the N-Word

Georgia Southern University found themselves in the center of controversy following a seemingly innocuous text message containing one of America’s most controversial words. This incident occurred when a GSU student, Courtney Schaefer, mistakenly sent a text message to her new African-American roommate. This text included the “n-word.” Although Schaefer tried to conceal this racially charged text message with a simple ...

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Waves That Don’t Stop At the Shore

It only takes four seconds to hit the water after jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Four seconds before you hit the water at 75 mph and either die from the impact, drown or succumb to hypothermia. The ripples you make in the water will end at the shore, but the ones you make in your community will last forever. ...

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People Poll: Should Cellphones be used for Education?

“Yes, we should use them because they give us access to social and learning tools.” – Zeek Menefee, freshman mass media major “No, we should not use them because when I was in summer camp, we weren’t allowed on our phones. Once they were away, we actually got to know each other and get stuff done. Same goes for school.” – Leirica ...

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Editorial: A simple solution to student satisfaction

Blocked walkways, caution tape, boarded hallways, fences and loud engines are the results of the constant construction around VSU which, since the beginning of the fall semester, every student has seen and experienced. West Hall, Sustella and Oak Parking Decks, and Odum Library are all visibly under construction; however, this doesn’t scratch the surface of the future development planned at ...

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Preview: Biology enthusiasts scour Lowndes County for creatures big and small

Scientists, naturalists, hobbyists and biology enthusiasts will be hunting for every last living and breathing creature in Lowndes County at a new event that kicks off Friday. BioBlitz is a national program with the objective of engaging the public in biodiversity. The goal of participants is to discover as many species as possible in a location during a 24-hour time ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!