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Student Success Center goes online

 Desiree Thompson
Staff Writer

 The Student Success Center is now providing students with a new online service called AskOnline. Along with the original Student Success Center, tutors are available to help but with AskOnline,tutors are now available 24/7. Some students favor the original Success Center because of the one-one feel of tutoring.
 Not all students learn the same and that’s where the AskOnline platform comes in. Students can receive help with Math, Writing, Biology, Chemistry, French, Spanish, German, and Latin online. The online tutoring link on the Success Center’s homepage connects you to AskOnline platform. All you need is you BlazeNet ID and password. “ The first time they log in, they’ll read a legal agreement and go through a short orientation. The site is very easy to navigate. If a tutor is online at the time a student logs in, the student can live chat with the tutor. However, a student can ask a question 24/7. An email alerts the tutor, who can then sign in to AskOnline and answer the question.”
 Dr. Pegeusse feels that the Student Success Center and the workers there really help studnets.
 “Tutors have insider information about how classes and professors work, what their expectations are, and the best ways to earn good grades. Working with a tutor or advisor builds your confidence and ability to solve problems on your own, and hopefully will inspire students to behave with compassion to those coming behind them,” Dr. Peguesse said.
 Marcell Ausborn, a junior marketing major, feels that the Center is a “great place to get work done in a quiet environment, as opposed to the library.”
 While some students enjoy the help of the Center, others don’t receive the best help.
 “I feel like I couldn’t understand and didn’t get all the time for the necessary help I needed,” says Maurice Diamond, a junior Theater Arts major. Dr. Peguesse hopes that the new online tool can possible help students who are more comfortable with computers and for students who are more on-the-go.
 The Center is open for improvements. If students  want to give a suggestion, they can email Dr. Peguesse or drop a suggestion in  the suggestion box at the Success Center.

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