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The Main Squeeze has smoothies that please

Spectator Tasters
By Michael Wilson and Ashley George

 This week we decided to switch it up a little bit and head to the new smoothie shop that opened up this summer, The Main Squeeze. This shop is at 1001 Baytree Road and was converted from an old hair salon.
 First thing we have to say is, we were very impressed with the atmosphere. Bright green walls and large ceiling-to-floor windows gave the shop a fresh, open feel, and the whole place just smelled fruity. There were bar chairs and tables so you could sit at a table or be right up at the bar watching your smoothie or juice be made. There were health books at the bar that showed what each supplement added into the drinks would do. There were enhancers you could add to your drink. One was called The Women’s blend and is supposed to be good for nails, hair and over-all appearance.
The service was great. He guy that helped us was friendly and happy to answer any questions. He told us a lot about the health benefits that were in the juices and smoothies. Everything was fresh, even the juice was squeezed and the smoothies were made  right in front of us
The prices were pretty average for a smoothie shop. A 16 oz. smoothie is $3.95 and a 20 oz. is $4.95. Juices were $2.49 for a 12 oz. and $2.99 for a 16 oz. You can also buy “shots.” These are 1 oz cups of super concentrated juices that are supposed to be really good for you.  The ginger shot is $1.99 and the wheatgrass shot is $2.29.
 Ashley tried the Georgia on My Mind smoothie with the antioxidant enhancer added in. It had peaches, banana, strawberry, blueberry and apple juice. The smoothie was fresh and tasty. It was a little bit chunky for a smoothie, but still very nice.
 Michael had Our Main Squeeze, a delicious and apparently nutritious blend of mango, pineapple, banana, and apple juice. While most smoothie makers will assault you with as many additives and sugars as possible i to better the taste of these colorful concoctions, the Main Squeeze leaves all of the extras out. After trying several flavors it seems that those additives don’t do what they are meant to.
 We were allowed to try a small taste of another smoothie called Tropical Superfood. It had pineapples, bananas, honey, and apple juice. Ashley liked the Tropical Superfood better than Georgia on Your Mind. The spinach and parsley gave it an interesting, green taste and mixed well with the fruits. Michael just liked that he couldn’t taste the spinach.
 The “shots”  seems to be a rather unique aspect to the Main Squeeze and it is  certainly a pleasant one. We both had to try a wheatgrass shot. We shared one shot. Ashley thought it was strong, but very sweet. It was like a sweet grass and she would definitely want to try another one.
 The Main Squeeze is a nice addition to Valdosta. We were very impressed with the atmosphere, service and food. The tasters are giving The Main Squeeze five out of five stars.

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