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Constitution talks continue in SGA meeting

Ariel Felton
Staff Writer

 VSU’s Student Government Association held its second meeting of the year this past Monday, and many things were discussed, including upcoming elections, a new constitution, dress code policy, the possible forming of  Facebook and twitter pages and even the rumors about swine flu.
 The meeting started off with President Kelli Cody listing important dates dealing with freshman elections. Packets for the freshman election can be picked up at the Student Life Office in Hopper Hall. There will be a qualifying meeting that all freshmen running for office must attend on Sept. 8 and on Sept. 15 votes for the freshman elections can be cast online.
 The election of a parliamentarian was discussed for a large portion of the meeting. A parliamentarian, explained Cody, will appear with SGA at all official events and meetings, oversee rules and procedures and also take the Vice President’s place in the event of an absence. Because of similar obligations, there was debate on the parliamentarian also acting as the President Pro-temp, but no decision has been made yet. There was a motion to wait until after freshman elections to elect a parliamentarian due to lack of enough senators to vote.
 The dress-code policy discussed in the last SGA meeting was brought up again. The policy would call for all senators to wear a certain polo shirt whenever there was an official meeting of the SGA. Cody assured everyone that the policy was just a suggestion as of now, but would be voted upon soon. As for prices for these shirts, Cody was not sure, but she did say she thought this would be a great way to put their budget to good use.
 Another topic on the agenda for this meeting was a new constitution. The current constitution has not been updated in years, Cody said. SGA tried to implement a new constitution last year, but it was never voted on by the student body, moving the forming of an updated constitution to this year.
 “We did vote and pass many of the changes [to the constitution], however, because of some technicalities and bad communication, the changes were never brought forth to the students of VSU to vote on,” Cody said in an e-mail. “Now those changes we voted on are null and void.”
A rough draft of the constitution should be sent to the Rules Committee within a month.
 There was also talk of creating a Facebook page for SGA, or even an SGA Web site not under the school’s domain, so that students will have faster access to news.
 SGA will not have a meeting next Monday due to Labor Day holiday, but will resume meetings the following Monday.

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