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Campus Police give students a few safety reminders

Amy Johstono
Staff Writer

VSU Police Department is  expanding its Adopt-A-Cop program and reinforcing student safety concepts this semester.
 The program assigns each residence hall an officer.By doing so officers hope to form a bond helping make students comfortable with police officers.
  “Students can expect to establish a relationship with the VSU police department through increased officer presence in their residence halls,” said Cpl. Glock in a press release.
 Glock also encourages students to register their bicycles with the police department in the Bicycle Anti-Theft, or B.A.T. program.
 Students registered with this program receive a decal to place on their bike for tracking in case of theft, according to the VSU Police webpage.
 The decal allows VSU police to stop those with the decal to verify ownership between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., which is the time most bikes are stolen.
  If a student’s bike is stolen, having a registered bike will help police to locate it faster.    VSU Police put registered bike information into a state system, which feeds into a national system, Glock said, which makes stolen items easier to find.
 Students can register their bikes with the Adopt-A-Cop officer on their residence hall or stop by the University Police station in Oak Street Parking Deck to register their bike.
 The police department recommends using hardened-alloy lock and chains or u-shaped locks when securing a bike to a bike rack.
 Another safety tip the VSU Police Department has for students is to obey all crosswalk regulations and only walk when the “walk” shows.
 The VSU Police Department offers several programs, such as R.A.D.(Rape Aggression Defense) to help students feel safer on campus.
 “All of our services are free for VSU students, faculty, and staff,” Glock said.

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  1. In addition to the Valdosta bike reg, it is a good idea to make use of a free proactive public BikeRegistry service off the net before the inevitable happens. Definitely leave the cable devices at home; only use hardened security chain (square link stuff) or u-locks on campus.

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