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On-campus voting starts next week

Molly Deaton
Staff Writer

 VSU will have a new option for faculty and students to vote on campus this fall.
 College Democrats and College Republicans worked together with Deb Cox, the supervisor of elections for Lowndes County, to make it easier for our students and faculty here at VSU to participate in local as well as national elections.
 Not only will the new polls make it easier for students and faculty to vote, but the polls will also be open to anyone who is enrolled in classes or working on campus.
 Early voting will take place in the University Center’s Executive Dining room for the entire week before elections starting Sept. 15.
 Jenna Mulvey, former president of College of Democrats, stated that the new on-campus voting polls gives absolutely no excuse for people not to vote, even if a student does not drive, since they can just walk across campus.
 “Last year it was so disheartening when I asked students if they were registered to vote and they would respond with an uniterested ‘no.’ It is important for college students to participate in elections and the on-campus polls will enable students to vote on the way to class and have a voice in the community,” Mulvey said.
 Mulvey also added that rides will be offered to and from the voting polls for students and faculty who do not live on campus.
 VSU is the first university in the state of Georgia to offer on-campus voting.
 Any students who are not registered to vote and do not know how to register should go over to the Student Life office. 
 Trisha Taylor, secretary of Student Life, can switch students’ current registration location from home to here in Valdosta, and also register them to vote not only in Valdosta, but anywhere in the United States.  
 “It is much more sensible to register at VSU instead of driving home to vote. It saves gas money and is more convenient all-around for students,” Taylor, said.
 Taylor also explained  that when students are registered in their hometown to vote, they are much less-likely to actually participate in the election because of the inconvenience. 
 Students, be on the look out for a precinct card showing your new voting location this fall.

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