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Christmas in November

 The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year; that is fully agreed. However, it seems that America has began decorating and planning for Christmas earlier and earlier, sometimes starting as early as the end of October. There have been Christmas decorations in almost every single store I have set foot in and Christmas music blaring over the ...

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Study abroad program helped in China

Every summer at VSU a study abroad program is offered to all students to participate in which includes going to different countries throughout the world. There are more than 17 countries to choose from and range in prices, depending on the place, and from what students and teachers alike say, it is well worth it. Classes are taken in the ...

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Kappa Pi brings all art styles together

Molly Deaton Staff Writer mmdeaton@valdosta.edu  The art club Kappa Pi is more than just a regular art club. It is an honorary art fraternity (eta theta chapter) that was founded last year by Maegan Moore and Izzy Garcia, who have both now graduated.   The club was started for art majors but has evolved into anyone being interested in art; ...

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Becoming a zombie does not have to mean the end for you

Molly Deaton Staff Writer mmdeaton@valdosta.edu  Now that you have become a zombie, it is important that you understand the different ways people see you, as opposed to a living and normal human that you were once accepted as. Zombies have pros and cons, like everything else. However, the pros really seem to outweigh the cons for the most part, and ...

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Obama’s address to kids brings controversy

Molly Deaton Staff Writer mmdeaton@valdosta.edu Last week on Tuesday September 8th, President Barack Obama gave a speech at 12 noon that was addressed to America’s schoolchildren (or was supposed to be, anyway). It came as a shock to find out that parents were contacting their children’s principals’ saying they did not want their children to participate in the viewing of ...

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On-campus voting starts next week

Molly Deaton Staff Writer mmdeaton@valdosta.edu  VSU will have a new option for faculty and students to vote on campus this fall.  College Democrats and College Republicans worked together with Deb Cox, the supervisor of elections for Lowndes County, to make it easier for our students and faculty here at VSU to participate in local as well as national elections.  Not ...

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