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DegreeWorks now online

Kenny Bush
Staff Writer

 The Oasis Department encourages students to use DegreeWorks, a new web tool that will help both students and advisors monitor their transcripts and progress towards degree completion.
 DegreeWorks is a new advising system that the university bought from SunTrust, the same company that created Banner. The implementation of DegreeWorks was recommended by the University System of Georgia’s Task force on Enhanced Advising Process. It went live on June 1st, serving as an upgrade and replacement for the previous system, C.A.P.P. Though 2009 will technically be the “test year” for DegreeWorks, the Oasis Department ensures students that the sooner they get familiar with the system, the better.
 “We believe that students are responsible for their own success,” said DegreeWorks administer Alicia Roberson of the Oasis Department. “DegreeWorks combines VSU’s degree requirements and the coursework you have completed with easy-to-read worksheets to help you see how the courses you have completed count toward your degree requirements.”
 In other words, DegreeWorks will not only display what classes students have taken, but also the courses that students are required to complete in order to graduate. It will even provide a real-time list of class availabilities for the courses students need, which closely resembles Banner’s present Add/Drop function.
 DegreeWorks also provides multiple tools that will help students understand where they stand in terms of graduation. These tools include a GPA calendar, a “what-if” scenario program, and a planner that advisors can access and input advice that the student can view from their page.
 “DegreeWorks is not intended to replace face-to-face advising,” Roberson said. “It is to encourage students to become more involved in their advising by making the process easier, faster, and reducing the chances of mistakes.”
  Realizing that DegreeWorks is still relatively new to the campus, the Oasis Department is working to increase the number of students and faculty that are trained to use the system. Both student and faculty organizations are welcomed to invite a member of the DegreeWorks team to make an appearance during a class or meeting to introduce DegreeWorks to all those present. Powerpoints and tutorials will also be made available on the DegreeWorks Web site.
 As mentioned earlier, this semester serves as the trial period for the new advising system. The campus community is being asked to help integrate DegreeWorks into VSU by spending time with the system and reporting any problems or asking questions about the site that isn’t directly explained.
 If students find an issue, send an email to degreeworks@valdosta.edu. In the email, it is expected that students list the last six digits of your ID number, the location of issue in the audit, and a brief description of what the issue is.

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