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Former professor arrested

A former professor at VSU was allegedly caught with a stolen VSU laptop during a warranted search of his office by the Western Kentucky University Police Department. On March 22, Captain Lee McKinney of the WKU PD contacted VSU police about a HP Compaq tc4200 laptop found in Dr. Mark Fenster’s office at WKU. The laptop contained a VSU property ...

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Kenny Bush’s Last Call

This being my last article as a VSU student, I thought that I would take time and reminisce about my time spent here at VSU. But then I remembered that you don’t read these articles because we share a deep, personal relationship. It’s last call Blazers, and here are some things that I would like you to remember: Politicians are ...

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They’re the predators; you’re the prey

Throughout April, the counseling center has tried to spread awareness about rape and sexual assaults with signs all over campus. Some of the numbers presented should be enough to scare most people into being cautious but, then again, I don’t think being aware of the danger is the problem these days. We’re all aware of the danger. We’re just ignoring ...

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And we’re off to the races

The SGA elections are coming up and it seems like the presidential nominees have a case of Obama syndrome. It’s all about change this and change that. I’m sure you all have seen the DeMario/Gibson slogan “Changing the campus, by changing the conversation.” Catchy little saying, but I would have preferred this one instead: Changing the campus, by HAVING the ...

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We’re not heavy, we’re students

Last week, Mayor Fretti made a comment about taking steps to remove “kegs and couches” from the front lawns of Valdosta. My response to Mayor Fretti: You can take my couch, once you pry it from my cracked and sticky porch. The Valdosta City Council claims that they aren’t on a witch-hunt against college students. However, with Ordinance (2009-43), a ...

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Graduate assistantships on the rise

When first arriving to VSU, Dr. Patrick J. Schloss, president of the university, said that his goal was to make VSU a nationally recognized university. Last year, he and the budget committee took steps towards reaching that goal by giving $700,000 to VSU’s Graduate School. Described as “strategic funding” by the committee, the allocation created about 53 graduate assistantships for ...

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Government of convenience

All forms of government are meant to be scrutinized. Whether big or small, federal or state, a government only acts right when the public, or an elusive Komodo dragon, is watching its every move. So let’s scrutinize away at our government of convenience, the SGA. To be honest, I haven’t been paying much attention to the SGA this year. I ...

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The interview: your salvation conversation

According to the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics, the United States unemployment rate reached 10.4 percent in February. Not the ideal economic condition for our future alumni. Just a college degree might not be enough to score you a good job these days. Doing well in the interview, however, couldn’t hurt your chances. The interview is more important than most ...

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Not for sale

I find it amusing how shocked our initial reaction to the budget cuts were last week. It’s no secret that legislatures dip their hand into the academic money jar whenever they need some easy cash. After all, the student body practically bleeds money from the moment we send our applications in. The only difference this time is that a few ...

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Expectations for a generation

Now, I’ve always been quick to criticize our generation. Our Facebook-stalking, smartphone-carrying, Google-dependent lifestyle has made us a bunch of spoiled Tweeters with attention deficits and laziness. I often joked that we were nicknamed “Generation Y” because it was the protest that would burst from our mouths whenever we were asked to do something productive. So imagine my reaction when ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!