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IT repairs campus wireless networks in residence halls

Amy Johstono
Staff Writer

 On campus residents have apparently been having problems with Internet services on campus.
 IT received the patches to fix the hardware Monday and put them on Tuesday, according to Joe Newton Director of Information Technology.
 The patches were applied to the wireless network hardware  to help fix the technical issues students in residence halls have been experiencing Newton addressed in an
e-mail sent  to residents by Thomas Hardy, director of Housing and Residence Life.
 According to the e-mail, IT installed new wireless network hardware before fall
 semester began. 
  Since the installation, students in residence halls have had problems accessing the Internet.
 “Sometimes [the Internet] just won’t work, even with the Ethernet cord,” said Megan Muller, a freshman undecided major who lives in Hopper Hall.
 “[The Internet] has been really slow or unresponsive,” said Monai Dupree, a sophomore mass media major who lives in Centennial Hall.
 “It’s frustrating because I have to restart the Internet,” Dupree said, “I end up just saying forget it.”
 If problems with the wireless network persist, the IT Helpdesk should be contacted so that problems can be resolved.
 “For instructions and support information for VSU HallNet Wireless Network, consult: http://www.valdosta.edu/helpdesk/guides/wireless/,” Newton said.

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