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Smokin’ Pig offers tasty Southern treat

Spectator Tasters
By Michael Wilson and Ashley George

This week we were in the mood for some good ol’ southern barbeque, so we headed on down to the Smokin’ Pig. This is a little farther off campus than we usually go. It’s over on 4228 North Valdosta Road right by the Cass Burch Dealership and Foxborough.
 The atmosphere was very country friendly. The tables and booths were huge. The booths could fit probably eight or nine people. All around the restaurant there were statues of different pigs that added a bit of comedy to the place. The restaurant also had a very open feel. We definitely didn’t feel cramped when we took our seats. 
 The service was pretty good.  Our waitress greeted us decked out in Valdosta High Wildcat apparel complete with a paw print on her face. She was very friendly and accommodating and really added the bit of southern charm we expected.   She was also very fast when it came to getting our food out to us. She was so fast that we missed her coming to the table while buying some Smokin’ Pig shirts.
 The price was a little higher than average, but you are paying for barbeque. For lunch, you’re going to pay about $7-$9, but you get a ton of food.
 Ashley had a hard time choosing between the Three Little Chicks and Three Little Pigs but she finally settled on the Three Little Pigs. They were three mini pulled pork sandwiches that came with two sides. She chose the sweet potato soufflé and the creamed corn. The soufflé was a little too sweet but not inedible. The creamed corn was just the way she liked it. The pulled pork was nice and tender, but her favorite part was dipping the sandwiches in the different barbeque sauces. There were about seven different sauces but her favorite was the southern mustard. It was a spicy and tangy mustard she had to use on every bite of her sandwich.
 Michael had a delightful time as the service was extremely, almost too, friendly and his glass was always full. The meal, the pork plate, came with the salad bar which had tasty fresh lettuce and plenty of toppings. The pork plate was a healthy dose of plain well-cooked pork and two sides, which were fries and cream corn in Michael’s case. The over abundant sauce selection was more than a good treat and it made eating the pork serving all the more enjoyable. Overall the entire experience was friendly and easy going while the food was good.
 Overall, we were pretty pleased with this ode to southern barbeque. We are giving the Smokin’ Pig a four and a half out of five for its southern hospitality and great food.

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